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Learn more about houseboating and the family of Forever Resorts marina locations all across the USA. Each newsletter issue offers information on safe boating,
vacation planning and sample itineraries - and of course seasonal special vacation packages to help you get the most of your next houseboat trip.

Rent A Boat House | ADA Accommodations

Category: Houseboat Vacations

At Forever Houseboats, we strive to make our houseboat rentals accessible to everyone. If you, or a member of your party, have special accessibility needs, you can rent a houseboat from us that will meet your requirements. Happily, that houseboat happens to be the best in our fleet: the 75’ XTreme.

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Best Houseboats | 50’ Forever

Category: Houseboat Vacations

New houseboaters often ask which models are the best houseboats. At Forever Resorts, we believe the answer to that question is as unique as your vacation. Since we only rent top-of-the-line houseboats with popular amenities from our Forever fleet, we can honestly say that the best houseboat is the one that is right for you, your group, and your vacation. In fact, our smallest houseboat, the 50’ Forever, has plenty of amazing features and may just be the right choice if you have a smaller group.

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Best Places To Rent A Houseboat | Green Boating

Category: Houseboat Tips

Looking for the best places to rent a houseboat? In addition to the location, water temperature, and available houseboat models, many houseboaters are now paying attention to the environmental impact of the individual marinas. At Forever Houseboats, we are honored to partner with the National Parks Service to provide marina rentals within the National Parks system. We believe this unique opportunity comes with the responsibility to protect and preserve the parks where we operate.

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Reboot August 2016

Category: Newsletter

This month we are heading to Texas to celebrate the 50th Work Anniversary of one of our favorite employees, taking a road trip up Highway 89, discovering the Old West at Mormon Lake Lodge, and much more!
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Packing Tips for Your Houseboat Vacation

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Once you've narrowed your choices for best lakes for houseboats, it's time to turn your attention to what to tote along. You want your houseboat vacation to be relaxing and memorable, so it's vital to know what's already been provided and what you'll be expected to bring. After all, few things are worse than getting all settled in only to realize you forgot that one thing you can't live without. 

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Experience Nature With Lake Mead Houseboat Rentals

Category: Houseboating and Widlife

A least a hundred arguments exist as to why a vacation on a rented houseboat is superior to your traditional hotel-by-the-beach: There's less packing to do, no daily traffic to fight, no long treks to the beach with all your family's floaties in tow. But probably the biggest advantage that Lake Mead houseboat rentals have over your standard vacation is how up-close-and-personal it gets you to nature. 

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Lake Mead and Its Namesake, Elwood Mead

Category: Houseboat Lake History

Lake Mead house boat rentals provide the ultimate vacation experience to those who love life on the water. Lake Mead is located on the Colorado River, just southeast of Las Vegas. It's the largest reservoir in the United States, boasting 247 square miles of surface space and depths that reach a whopping 532 feet. This lake is a scenic wonder that you have to experience to believe. Whether you're in it for the fishing, or you just love the feel of the waves beneath you, Lake Mead house boat rentals offer up the perfect vacation experience.

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Fishing at Lake Mead: Striped Bass, Catfish, and Bluegills

Category: Houseboating and Wildlife

There's no other form of fishing that's quite as satisfying as that done from the comfort and convenience of a rented houseboat. Houseboat fishing lacks the long trek down to the water, there are no crowds of fishermen with which to contend, and best of all, you can wake in the early morning hours, yawn, stretch, and start fishing first on your time. You don't even have to the leave the comfort of your deck to reel in the generous striped bass, catfish and bluegills that Lake Mead provides.

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Special Offers on Houseboats, Rental Watercraft

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Our Call-In Special (aka “Choose Your Fun” Special), is a great choice. With this exclusive offer, you’ll get houseboat rental discounts on early boarding, fuel, or the total price of one of our houseboat rental choices. Give us a call at 1-800-255-5561, mention the call-in special, and find out the details. Please note this offer only applies to Antelope Point, Callville Bay, Cottonwood Cove, and Pleasure Cove Marinas.

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Reboot July 2016

Category: Newsletter

Find out what is going on this month at Forever Resorts in our monthly newsletter Reboot. Everything from Southfork Ranch to Lake Powell stargazing is covered in this month's issue!

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First-Timers Guide To Houseboating

Category: Houseboat Tips

Houseboating is awesome! But if you are a first-time, you may have some questions about how to operate your vacation vessel on the lake. At Forever Houseboats, you’ll have a lot of practiced hands to give you guidance so you can be on your way in no time. Here’s a quick first-timers guide to houseboating to help get you started.

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Lake Mead Luxury Houseboat Rentals | Birds

Category: Houseboating and Wildlife

Located at the convergence of three desert ecosystems, along a north-south bird migration route, Lake Mead offers a rare chance to catch a glimpse of aquatic and desert birds in close proximity. The diversity of habitats in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area allows a wide variety of birds to thrive; in fact, over 240 different types of birds have been recorded here. The best way to see some of these birds in flight is from the water aboard a houseboat. When you are packing for your vacation on one of our Lake Mead luxury houseboat rentals, don’t forget your binoculars. We’ve put together a short list of some of our favorite Lake Mead birds that you just might see next time you're here.

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Types of Houseboats for Your Vacation

Category: Houseboat Tips

One of the most common questions first-time houseboat renters ask is, “how much room on a houseboat do I really need?” Is it worth getting a 75-foot houseboat or will the 60-foot model be enough? While this question seems straightforward, there are several things you may want to consider when reviewing types of houseboats to rent. The number of private bedrooms, maximum occupancy, and onboard amenities varies by model. We’ve outlined some of the most notable differences between the different luxury houseboats we offer at Forever Houseboats to help you find the ideal model for your next houseboat vacation.

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Cottonwood Cove Houseboat Rentals from Forever Houseboats

Category: Houseboat Vacations

Cottonwood Cove Marina is located on Lake Mohave, one of Lake Mead National Recreation Area’s hidden treasures. The 67-mile lake is a one-hour drive south of Las Vegas and only 45 minutes north of Laughlin. Cottonwood Cove houseboat rentals from Forever Houseboats offer a range of luxury houseboats, from the 50 foot Forever and XT models up to our 70 foot Silver houseboat. As the only marina on the Nevada side of Lake Mohave, Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina also offers a variety of convenient services and amenities for guests to enjoy. 

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Plan A Houseboating Trip With Kids

Category: Houseboat Tips

If you’re planning a houseboating trip, you’ll want to make a checklist of things to bring along. Packing smart becomes especially important if you’re taking kids along. You’ll want to make sure A) they’re protected and B) they are entertained. 

For those of you with young children, you know that you need to be prepared for everything. When you plan a houseboating trip, having their favorite foods, snacks, and drinks will keep them happy while you’re enjoying your boating adventure. You also know that adding some downtime after a fun day on the lake is just as important. Kids get tired and need to relax just as much as we do. However, for the young ones just hanging out on deck may not keep them amused.

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Reboot June 2016

Category: Newsletter

Find out what has been happening at Forever Resorts this past month with our #MyNatureSelfie Photo contest, the Every Kid in a Park Art Contest hosted by the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and more!

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