Why You Should Spend Christmas on a Houseboat Rental

Why You Should Spend Christmas on a Houseboat Rental

Looking to do something different this year for the holidays? Why not rent a houseboat. Here are four reasons why you should spend Christmas on a houseboat rental.


Start a New Tradition


New family traditions are always exciting. From building anticipation leading up to the trip to coming home feeling relaxed and refreshed, spending your holiday vacation on a houseboat is the way to go if you’re looking to enrich your life.


Perhaps your kids are older and all live away from home. This is the ideal opportunity to get everyone together (near or far) to spend a non-traditional holiday that is both rewarding and fun for all ages. Our houseboats sleep up to 15 people, so the more, the merrier!


It’s Relaxing


Imagine sitting on the top deck of your houseboat covered in blankets and holding a hot cup of coffee or cocoa. Your closest loved ones are surrounding you while the cool wind blows on your face and the smell of fresh lake water fills your senses. This could be what each morning looks like when you’re on a houseboat vacation. 


You could fill your days with hikes and powerboat rides or simply sit back and enjoy the onboard hot tub, it’s up to you! Some people find taking the houseboat for a long cruise to go sightseeing is an adventure in itself. We believe Lake Powell and Lake Mead offer the best views of the southwest. 


Create Memories


Remember Christmas five years ago? If you do the same thing year over year, it’s difficult to distinguish one year from the other. The best part about spending Christmas on a houseboat rental is the memories that will stay with you forever. Don’t be surprised if your family starts asking to do this every year. It’s quite a hard habit to break if we do say so ourselves. 


Here are some ideas for creating the best memories on your upcoming houseboat trip:

  • Bring special treats that you normally don’t eat at home

  • Surprise your kids with a special gift that is related to your time on the water (ex: fishing pole, sunhat, new camera, blow up water toys, etc.)

  • Plan surprise activities while on the boat like board games, karaoke, hiking trips, or rent a personal watercraft.

  • Bring a tripod and camera to capture unique family photos while on the beach. 


Get Away From It All


Sometimes the holidays can be stressful. From rushing around buying gifts to attending various holiday parties, it doesn’t seem to slow down until after the new year. And for most people, it’s the busiest time of year for businesses, so they’re working long hours. 


Doesn’t it sound nice to get away from it all this year? Take a week off with your family and just cruise the wide-open lake. It doesn’t get much better than that. Take a look at our fleet at Lake Powell and Lake Mead and book your reservation today.