Best Places to Go For a Winter Houseboat Vacation


Contrary to popular belief, planning a winter houseboat vacation is more common than you think. In fact, we often have return guests who prefer visiting our marinas in the cooler months. Booking in December, January or February typically means fewer crowds, calmer waters, more hiking opportunities, better fishing, and even sun-basking. 

Looking for the best place to go on your next winter houseboat vacation? We’ve come up with a few of our favorites below.




Lake Powell


With around two million annual visitors, Lake Powell is one of the biggest and most well-known lakes in the Southwest. Although you may not be able to enjoy all the water activities you would in the summertime, there is still plenty to do at Lake Powell. 


Hiking is one of the main reasons people visit this lake during the cooler months. With multiple trails surrounding the lake and optimal fishing during this time of year, you’d be surprised to see the lake so serene in December, January and February.


Check out our fleet of Lake Powell houseboats here.


Lake Havasu


Coined “Arizona’s Playground,” Lake Havasu has a serious reputation for fun. And with over 300 days of sunshine, chances of having a good time are almost always 100% guaranteed. Enjoy warm sunny days and cool evenings during the wintertime in Lake Havasu City. 




Lake Oroville


For a change in scenery, head up to northern California to pay a visit to Lake Oroville during the cooler months. Although you probably won’t be doing any water sports this time of year, fishing is a comparable alternative. This large reservoir is best known for its bass fishing, so make sure to get your CA fishing license before you go.


For more information on renting a houseboat on Lake Oroville, visit our website.




Lake Mead


Clocking in as the second largest lake on this list, Lake Mead is a popular houseboating destination during the cooler months because of its unique list of winter activities. From capturing breathtaking photography to scuba diving deep beneath the surface, you won’t be bored with a visit to this lake. 


You can even enjoy soaking up the sun on the top deck of your houseboat as winter highs are generally in the upper 50s to low 60s with very little chance of rain. Ready to book your Lake Mead getaway? Visit our website today.


Lake Mohave


Believe it or not, Lake Mohave’s climate is actually slightly warmer than Lake Mead’s with winter highs in the mid to upper 60s. Although Lake Mohave is the smallest houseboating lake on this list, it doesn’t lack in breathtaking views. This large reservoir is famous for its Native American petroglyphs etched into the tall canyons that can be seen from the water. You’ll want to make sure to bring your camera on this winter houseboat vacation!


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