Impact of Lake Water Levels

impact of lake levels

Lake water levels tend to fluctuate often due to a number of reasons. Some of these include weather occurrences, human interference, and climate change. Although lake water levels may not affect your everyday life, it’s important to know where they’re at before you head out for your lake vacation.


At Forever Houseboats, we’re here to explain the impact of lake water levels and how it may affect you. 


What causes fluctuations in lake water levels?


Seasonal transition. As you know, some seasons tend to bring in more rain than others. When the wet season ends, you will notice lake water levels start to slightly drop, and vice versa.


Too much rain. Sometimes a region can be affected by a particularly heavy rainfall. With so much water dropped in such a little time, most lakes aren’t able to drain the excess water in time, therefore, lake water levels tend to be higher than normal.


Climate change. As the climate slowly changes over time, we will begin to see more extreme events (flooding, droughts) which will directly impact lake water levels.


Drought. Especially in dry regions, droughts can dramatically lower lake levels. Long-term droughts can even have an effect on the environment and animals that live there.


Human interference. Many freshwater lakes are actually used as a water resource for neighboring cities. When water is removed by humans at an astonishing rate, lake water levels are directly impacted.


What is the impact of lake water levels and what does it mean for you?


Fewer beaches. When lake water levels are higher than usual, beaches tend to disappear under the surface. This can make it harder to find space to anchor your houseboat. Be sure to ask for advice from our expert staff if you have any concerns before your trip.


Damage to the undercarriage of a boat. Too little water can actually be a hazard to your boat. If you know the lake water levels are very low, be extra careful when pulling into beaches and cruising through shallow water. We suggest having your co-captain be your extra pair of eagles eyes to spot shallow spots and possible sharp protruding rocks beneath the surface. The last thing you want is a scraped up underbelly. 


While these are just some of the ways you are directly impacted by fluctuating lake water levels, there are others you should be aware of. To learn more, please contact us at 1-800-255-5561 or visit our website.


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