The Most Scenic Arizona Lakes to Rent a Houseboat

While there are about one hundred lakes to choose from in Arizona, only four stand out to us as the top scenic Arizona lakes to rent a houseboat on. Here they are in no specific order.


Lake Powell



Lake Powell is one of the best houseboating lakes in the United States. This large, man-made reservoir is situated on the Utah/Arizona border and is known for its stunning red rock canyons and towering buttes. Visitors to this lake can choose over 90 side canyons to explore by kayak, personal watercraft, or whatever else can maneuver in tighter quarters.


Popular scenic locations include Rainbow Bridge National Monument, Glen Canyon Dam, Cathedral in the Desert, and Alstrom Point.


Lake Mead



For sparkling blue water and mountain ranges as far as the eye can see, consider taking your next houseboat vacation at Lake Mead. This giant body of water spans over 110 miles long and has 759 miles of shoreline, making it the ideal location for recreational activities. Located on the Nevada/Arizona border, Lake Mead is a short drive from Las Vegas and boasts several wilderness areas, so there’s plenty of opportunities to explore and take photos while you’re there.


Some of the most scenic stops on your Lake Mead trip include Hoover Dam, The Black Canyon Water Trail, and Lakeview Overlook.


Lake Mohave



Although Lake Mohave may be on the smaller side, it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked as a top scenic spot for houseboating. Like Lake Mead, Lake Mohave exhibits clear blue water ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Known for its multitude of coves and sandy beaches, Lake Mohave is the perfect place to get away and chill out for a few days.


Scenic stops near Lake Mohave include Katherine’s Landing, Davis Dam, Hoover Dam, and Gold Strike Hot Springs.


Lake Havasu



Drawing more than 2.5 million visitors a year, Lake Havasu is a popular spot to gaze upon Arizona scenery and enjoy a few recreational activities. For history buffs, you may also enjoy catching a glimpse of one of the state’s most unique attractions--The London Bridge--located on the east side of the lake. Spanning just 26 miles at max length, this lake is the ideal weekend houseboat getaway for friends and families.


To find the most scenic spots, we recommend The London Bridge, Copper Canyon, and Topock Gorge.


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