Best Lake Vacations in the Southwest

When you imagine a vacation on a lake, you might picture yourself in the heart of the Midwest lounging on a fishing boat and enjoying the views of evergreen trees that dot the shoreline. Maybe you think about quaint and quiet lakes along the East Coast, that are known for fresh fish and foggy mornings.

But did you know that it was possible to have a lake vacation in the Southwest? There's more to the American West than deserts and cowboys.

These are the best lake vacation destinations in the Southwest:

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a man-made lake that appears more like a system of interconnected streams than a typical body of water. While it was created to provide the region with plenty of fresh water, it has also provided Utah residents and visitors from across the globe with an amazing place to enjoy life on the water. The best way to enjoy Lake Powell to the fullest is to rent a houseboat from a marina, such as Antelope Point Marina. When you stay on a houseboat, you can enjoy everything the lake has to offer, such as water sports, daily hikes, and fishing.

Lake Mead

Lake Mead is another man-made lake in the Southwest that has the distinguished honor of being the largest body of water of its kind in the country. With shoreline along the Arizona and Nevada border, it's a popular vacation destination. Those who want to enjoy Lake Mead from the Arizona side can rent a watercraft from Temple Bar Marina, while those who may be extending their Las Vegas vacation can rent a houseboat from Callville Bay Resort and Marina. With a houseboat, you can enjoy endless adventures in the most diverse National Recreation Area in America.

These lakes are like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Not only do they provide much-needed freshwater to this dry, arid region, but they also offer people the opportunity to enjoy life on the water. From adventurous activities like jet skiing along the shore to relaxing moments such as fishing off the dock of the houseboat, there's something for everyone on these Southwestern lakes.

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