Good Meal Ideas That Keep Well on a Houseboat

If you are thinking about renting a houseboat for your next vacation, then you know that you will have to take into account additional logistics. From packing extra gear to make your stay more fun and extra safe to learning how to operate the houseboat, it's an experience that differs in many ways from a traditional land vacation.

Another thing that you will want to consider prior to your houseboat vacation is your meals. At Forever Houseboats, we know that meal planning is an important part of planning your next houseboat vacation.

Here are a few meal ideas you may want to try:

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti and meatballs is a classic Italian dish that is known for its affordability and its ease. This is a simple dish that only requires three ingredients — spaghetti noodles, meatballs, and a spaghetti sauce. It doesn't take much to make a heaping pile of spaghetti that everyone on the houseboat will enjoy.

Sausage, Potatoes and Beans Tin Foil Meal

In a sense, houseboating is like camping on the water. Tin foil meals have long been a favorite among avid campers, and this one is particularly popular. Simply wrap grilled sausage, chopped potatoes and green beans in tin foil, and cook the concoction on the grill.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

This quintessential summer meal makes for one of the easiest and tastiest houseboat meals. You can grill hamburgers and hot dogs right on the boat, and everyone can top them with their favorite fixings. Simple sides like potato salad and corn on the cob can be brought on board.


Tacos is another simple meal that is easy to make for a group. Cook up a couple of pounds of ground beef, add seasoning and serve to the masses. People can choose their favorite toppings, and chips plus salsa make the ideal side dish.

Traveling as a group on a houseboat? Delegate one meal to each group that is coming on board. That way, everyone takes part in the planning and gets to join in on the fun. It's not too much work for one person, and each night there will be an easy, prepared meal available.

For more tips and tricks while traveling on a houseboat, contact us at Forever Houseboats today.