Quiz: What's the Best Small Houseboat for me?

For first-time houseboaters, or small families looking to spend a few days on the lake, renting a small houseboat is the way to go. They’re easier to maneuver, park, and control in windy conditions. Not to mention they are also the most budget-friendly option.   

If you’re looking to rent a small houseboat on Lake Powell, Lake Mead, or Lake Mohave, take the short quiz below to figure out which is right for you.


#1. When looking at prices…

a. I tend to stick to the cheapest option. 

b. I don’t mind spending a little extra for additional amenities.

c. I’m not too concerned.


#2. I need at least ____ bedrooms.

a. 2 total

b. 4 total

c. 4 private


#3. Width of the houseboat is important to me.

a. Disagree 

b. Somewhat agree

c. Agree! Give me extra space, please


#4. Additional amenities are a must.

a. Disagree

b. I’m fine with a little something extra 

c. Yes! DirecTV access and a wet bar would be a nice addition to my stay.


#5. Are you planning on having a party?

a. No, wasn’t planning on inviting anyone else.

b. Yes, I’m inviting a few friends to join (up to 12 allowed while the boat is in motion)

c. Yes, I’m inviting a whole bunch of people! (Although only up to 12 people are allowed while the boat is in motion)



If you answered mostly a’s you should rent: The 50’ Forever or 50’ XT

If you answered mostly b’s you should rent: The 56’ Getaway or 59’ Deluxe

If you answered mostly c’s you should rent: The 60’ Eagle

To see a full list of houseboats we offer by marina, visit this webpage. Before you book, make sure to check out our special offers page, too! To start your small houseboat reservation, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-255-5561. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.