How Hard is it to Drive a Houseboat? Answers from an Expert

For kids, a houseboat vacation is the adventure of a lifetime. Sleeping in a house that is floating each night is quite literally a dream come true, and there's nothing better than waking up only to realize they have an entire day filled with outdoor fun ahead. If you are a parent who is planning a houseboat vacation with your kids this summer, here are a few tips to help make your vacation safe and enjoyable.

Bring Life Jackets for Every Child

The houseboat that you rent will be equipped with enough life jackets for each individual who is on board. However, it is recommended that you bring life jackets for each child so that you can choose a life saving device that is ideal for their age, height and weight. Children should wear life jackets at all times when they are on board the houseboat. 

Consider the Security Features of the Houseboat Rental

Every houseboat rental that we offer is designed to provide families with a safe and fun vacation, but you may want to look for specific features that will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident with young children board. Some security features that parents often request include:

  • Guard railings around the perimeter of the boat.
  • Sliding doors that lock from the interior.
  • ​Latching gates on the deck of the boat.

Pack Activities and Games

Young children may never grow tired of playing in the water or docking at the marina in order to go for a hike. However, there are always those moments where everyone needs to wind down and have time to relax on the boat. To keep your kids occupied, pack some of their favorite board games, a deck of cards, coloring books and a few of their most treasured toys.

At Forever Houseboats, we know that this is a vacation that is perfect for people of all ages. With houseboat rentals at some of the most magnificent marinas around the country, we specialize in providing families with peaceful escapes from the realities of daily life. For more information on the houseboat rentals that will be perfect for your family-friendly vacation, contact us today.