10 Fun Reasons Why People Love Houseboat Summer Vacations at Lake Powell

Every summer vacation provides you with an opportunity to make everlasting memories with your family and friends. This summer, you should consider a houseboat vacation on Lake Powell.

Here are 10 fun reasons why you should book now:

  1. You can rent an incredible, luxurious houseboat at the Antelope Point Marina, which is situated in the best part of Lake Powell. 

  2. You can visit the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, and take a short boat ride to the Navajo and Antelope canyons.

  3. You can take your boat through the unique slot canyons that can be discovered in this lake.

  4. You can dock your boat and take a hike along one of the nearby trails. There are opportunities for beginning hikers as well as experienced adventurers.

  5. You can rent a powerboat or jet ski to make your time on the water just a bit more thrilling!

  6. You can spend endless hours fishing from your houseboat.

  7. You'll spot different wildlife creatures every day. From the majestic peregrine falcon in the air to the tiny lizards and frogs that dart through the canyons of Lake Powell.

  8. You can take a break from eating on the houseboat by docking at the marina and enjoying a dining experience on board the largest floating restaurant.

  9. You can spend a day on land and head to nearby Page for a tour of the Navajo Village Heritage Center.

  10. You can spend your evenings gazing into the endless night sky, enjoying a stargazing experience that is unlike any other.

At Forever Houseboats, we specialize in providing families with fun and affordable houseboat vacation packages that are customized to fit their needs. Not only do we have incredible houseboats available to rent at our Lake Powell marina, but we also offer rentals in many other fantastic lakes in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Whether this is your first time on a houseboat or you are a veteran houseboat traveler, we are committed to making sure that your summer vacation is the best one yet. Contact us to find out more about the houseboats that are available now.