​Top 3 Attractions at Lake Powell

Lake Powell draws an estimated two million visitors each year – and for good reason. Created by the damming of the Colorado River at Glen Canyon, Lake Powell is surrounded by stunning sandstone cliffs. Nearby, a handful of natural landmarks rival the gorges and rock formations of the Southwest’s most famous national parks.

The sheer cliffs can make it difficult to access the lake, which is why many visitors rent a houseboat to fully experience the Glen Canyon Recreation Area. Located at Antelope Point Marina, in the main section of the lake, Forever Houseboats rents boats, jet skis and houseboats within minutes of Lake Powell’s breathtaking sights. Here are just a few of the amazing landmarks you can visit during your Lake Powell houseboat vacay.

Take a Tour: Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is the world’s most photographed slot canyon – and a must-see for every Lake Powell vacationer. Created by natural water and wind erosion, the canyon’s undulating walls and striated rock channels look like something from another world. The scenery here is unforgettable. The downside is that Antelope Canyon is located on Navajo land, so an official tour is the easiest route. Visitors have two options: Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. Upper Canyon is easier to traverse and offers better lighting for photographs, while the lower path is less crowded but more difficult to traverse. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either.

Hike In: Chaol Falls at Navajo Canyon

Upstream from Antelope Point Marina is the lake’s longest side canyon, Navajo Canyon. Small boats can be maneuvered into part of the canyon, but you’ll need to hike the rest of the way. The trek begins with shallow water and a relatively flat path through dry lake bed to a fork where two streams cross. Go right towards the falls, until you approach a narrow canyon with the area’s signature copper rocks. A trail leads upwards, where hikers will find petroglyphs, dinosaur footprints and delicate falls that trail through slots and arches. It’s about four miles one-way to the falls, so pack plenty of supplies and be prepared to spend much of the day outside.

View by Boat: Padre Bay

Dying to ditch the crowds? The largest bay at Lake Powell, Padre is home to several photo-worthy landmarks as well as hidden coves and swimming holes. Pilot your houseboat into the bay for a look at Cookie Jar Butte, Tower Butte and Boundary Butte, the latter of which straddles the Utah-Arizona border. At about nine miles long, Padre Bay is large enough to accommodate kayaking side-treks and water sports. Yet, it tends to be quieter than the areas nearest Antelope Canyon or Rainbow Bridge.   

Lake Powell isn’t your traditional lake. Pull out a map (or use your Google-fu skills) and you’ll see the “lake” looks more like a series of veins. The upside of this unusual topography is that a new landscape lurks around every corner. Pilot your Forever houseboat through Lake Powell’s nooks and crannies and you’ll spot dozens more one-of-a-kind landmarks. For more information about vacationing at Lake Powell, call 800-255-5561 or reserve your houseboat online today.