​How to Have Halloween on a Houseboat

Tired of the same old routine every Halloween? Why not switch it up this year by spending the spookiest holiday of the year on the water. Renting a Forever houseboat is an ideal way to start a fun, new holiday tradition. With marinas at Lake Powell in Arizona and Lake Mead and Mohave on the Arizona-Nevada border, residents in Arizona, California, Utah, and Nevada can reach the lake in just a few hours. Invite your friends and have the best Halloween night to date.

Get in the Spirit

If you’re planning on throwing a houseboat party, you’ll need a theme. Nautical is a natural thought. How about pirates and mermaids? Encourage your guests to represent the theme, but invite them to get as creative as possible. Once you’ve determined your plan, it’s time to pick up some spooky party decorations. Décor such as skulls, nets, sea creatures and wooden ship wheels can make for a magical setting, with faux spider webs clinging to every corner. Since there will be power on your boat, you will also be able to hook up lights and music for the full effect. For a final touch, impress your guests with an original “shark bite” punch. The ingredients are simple: blue Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, ice, and a splash of cherry grenadine.  BEWARE, an enjoyable night with tons of laughter lurks around the corner.

Horror Storytelling Night

Sharing chilling tales near the water can be just as scary as telling stories around the campfire. Any splash heard below deck can send shivers down your spine. Prepare a place on your houseboat where everyone can get together in a circle with blankets and hot cocoa or cider. Take turns sharing horror stories (fictional or real) and see how many of your friends you can scare. Don’t forget to pass around the flashlight and point it upwards under your chin – a classic ghost story move. If you’re not into storytelling, set up a TV or laptop and watch a scary movie together. Pirates of the Caribbean and Jaws are among our favorites, depending on the mood you want to set.

Skip buying copious amounts of candy and spend All Hallows Eve with close friends and family cruising the lake on a houseboat. Contact us at Forever Houseboats today to start your Halloween reservation.