​How to Stay Sun-Safe on a Houseboat

Lake Powell is one of the largest man-made lakes in the nation. There are over 90 side canyons to explore, plus 1960 miles of shoreline. Dozens of sandy beaches provide endless opportunities to soak up some rays. Whether you’re sunbathing and fishing on your houseboat’s upper deck, setting up towels on the beach or hiking to Rainbow Bridge (note: permit required), it’s important to protect yourself against sun damage.

Summer temperatures at Lake Powell are in the mid to high 90s, with the UV index regularly hitting “Very High” or “Extreme” from May to September.  No matter what color your skin, sun protection is a must.

At Forever Houseboats, we want you to stay sun-safe while enjoying the beautiful Arizona and Southern Utah weather on your houseboat. Here are 5 tips to help you cool down and protect yourself in the desert heat.

1. Wear a hat
Hats are more than just a fashion statement. Wear a fabric cap or hat with a wide brim to help shade your face, ears and neck. According to a 2015 article in Women’s Health magazine, hats provide a sun protection factor of at least 10 – instantly turning your SPF15 sunblock to SPF25. That being said, you still need to follow our #2 rule.

2. Sunscreen isn’t an option
It’s a requirement, unless you want to spend half of your vacation cringing every time a family member touches your lobster red shoulder. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends SPF 15 or higher, with SPF of 30 or higher during extended outdoor activity. The SPF factor correlates to the number of minutes you can wear sunscreen without burning. So, theoretically you could wear SPF90 for an hour and a half before looking like a boiled beet. 

3. Re-apply frequently
One and done? We don’t think so. Apply sunscreen liberally to exposed areas each morning, and every two hours or so thereafter – because sweat, activity and time decreases a sunscreen’s effectiveness. While on your houseboat or at the shore, be sure to reapply sunscreen after doing any water activities. Pack a tube for the road whenever you leave your boat.

4. Be made in your shades
It’s not just your skin in jeopardy; your eyes can also suffer sun damage. Wear specialty sunglasses that block out most UVA and UVB rays. Not sure what to look for? Follow Mayo Clinic’s UV-busting sunglass recommendations to ensure your peepers are protected.

5. Start fawning over (and under!) your awning
Our Forever Houseboats at Antelope Point Marina are equipped with a fiberglass canopy covering part of your top deck. While you might want to pop out into the sun for tanning, fishing or sightseeing, resist the urge to bask in the rays for too long. Give those tootsies, and your skin, a break by spending some time under the canopy or below deck.

At full capacity, Lake Powell holds 32 million cubic meters and is up to 561 feet deep – making it an ideal place for boating and swimming. If you’re thinking of renting a Forever Houseboat for your next vacation, Lake Powell is a great place to start. Call 1-800-255-5561 or CLICK HERE to set up an Arizona houseboat vacation that’s all about sun and fun on the lake.