Fishing with your Family on Lake Powell

Created when Glen Canyon was dammed and flooded in 1966, Lake Powell is the state’s second largest man-made lake (the first is Lake Mead at Hoover Dam). The lake gets its water from the Colorado River and several of its tributaries. When full, it is 560 feet deep and 186 miles long. With deep, calm waters and more than 161,000 acres of surface area, Lake Powell has become one of the Arizona’s top destinations for fishing and other water recreation. 

At Forever Houseboats, we want to make sure that your family vacation to Lake Powell is as easy as nabbing a salmon during spawning season. Our 50- to 75-foot houseboats are equipped with an on-deck ice chest to keep your catches frosty, plus a range, microwave and grill for cooking them up later. There’s room enough for the whole family to get involved. Take your houseboat on the lake for fly-fishing, then return to Antelope Point Marina in the evening to rest up for another day of angling.

Your family-friendly fishing kit should include:
✔  Rods/reels
✔  Tackle
✔  Multi-tool for rigging up fishing gear
✔  Arizona or Utah fishing license
✔  Kid-approved snacks
✔  Comfortable life jackets
✔  Fishfinder (optional)

Keep in mind that Arizona requires a Utah or Arizona state fishing license to cast off in these waters. Once you cross over into the Utah side of Lake Powell (which is most of the lake), you’ll need a Utah fishing license to continue. Check the Arizona Game & Fish Department regulations website for updated limits and fishing requirements.

Once you’ve obtained proper credentials, here are a few of the fish you can expect to hook in Lake Powell: 

Bass – Striped, smallmouth, largemouth

Found in saltwater and freshwater bodies of water throughout the country, bass are aggressive and large (not to mention tasty). Some can weigh up to 20 lbs. You can catch up to 10 striped bass per day with a valid Arizona or Utah fishing license at Lake Powell, and up to 6 total of the other bass varieties combined. In this video by Utah Wildlife Resources (UWR), anglers demonstrate how schools of fish in shallow waters can drive bass towards the surface. Some of Lake Powell’s striped bass are among the largest in the world, according to UWR. 


Native to the Northern United States, walleye have been introduced to Arizona’s freshwater lakes over time. They can grow upwards of 31 inches long and can live for decades, although most are fished long before then. They’re active year-round in Lake Powell, though early summer tends to be prime time for catching walleye here. Limit of 6 per day.


These smaller schooling fish are easier marks for families and beginning anglers. Adults are typically 4-8 inches in length and make excellent grilling fish due to their mild taste and soft texture. During the hot summer months, crappie often gather in deeper areas. Dawn and dusk are their preferred feeding times, so shallow lines and rigs are more likely to be successful in the early morning and evening hours. There’s no daily limit on catching black or white crappie in most Arizona waters.

With a houseboat rental, your family can fish straight from your deck without venturing away from the comforts of home. It’s the ideal way to pack in as much fishing time as possible during your Arizona getaway. For more information on renting a Forever Houseboat on Lake Powell, contact us today.