How To Pack Your Tackle Box When Houseboat Fishing

Houseboating and fishing are a perfect combination for a houseboat vacation. Both are great ways to relax, unwind and enjoy the natural beauty around you. At Forever Houseboats, we’ve learned that a lot of folks decide to try fishing for the first time when they are on a houseboat vacation and are not sure what they need in their tackle box. While fishing enthusiasts will change up items in their tackle box for different types of fish, there are a few basics you should have no matter what you’re trying to catch. We’ve put together a list of essentials that everyone should have in their tackle box.

Bobbers and Sinkers

A bobber floats on the water and will sink when the line is tugged. This essential fishing gear lets you know when you’ve got a bite on the line so you can start to reel it in. A sinker is pretty much the opposite of a bobber. Instead of floating on top of the water, a sinker is used to bring your bait and hook down to the depth where the fish are swimming. Since sinkers can get lost if the line snaps, it’s a good idea to have a few extras on hand.

Plastic Worms and Lures

Both plastic worms and lures are designed to grab the attention of fish and get them biting. There are a range of lure and plastic worm sizes available, but you don’t need all of them. Find out what types of fish you might expect to catch on your vacation and then choose the size most likely to attract them. Even if you only plan on using live bait, it never hurts to have a few lures in your tackle box.

Extra Line and Hooks

Fishing line is prone to getting tangled, so it’s smart to come equipped with an ample amount. If you expect to be fishing in an area with lots of underwater vegetation or choppy water, you’re going to want a heavier duty line. Most houseboating lakes offer amazing clear, calm water so thin fishing line is usually all you need.

Having a variety of hooks on hand is also a good idea. If you have the wrong size hook, you risk never getting a bite. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to figure this out, but that’s half the fun of learning how to fish.

Ready to pack your tackle box and head for the lake? Don’t forget to get your fishing license before you head for the water. For more information or to reserve a houseboat for your houseboat/fishing getaway, contact us today at Forever Houseboats.