Top 3 Lakes in the Southwest | Best Places to Rent a Houseboat

Trying to find the best places to rent a houseboat in the southwestern United States? At Forever Houseboats, we partner with the National Parks Service to bring houseboat rentals to some of the most amazing waterways in the country. We know what makes a good houseboat lake: beautiful scenery, ample coves and beaches, and plenty of open water.

Our picks for top three lakes for houseboating in the Southwest have all those things and more.

Lake Powell

Travel critics and visitors alike, consistently rate Lake Powell as one of the best places rent a houseboat in the county. As the second largest man-made lake in the United States, Lake Powell has more than enough open water for its many visitors. The colorful cliffs and sheer canyon walls that surround the lake provide some of the most extraordinary scenery on the planet. And the vivid sky at sunset is breathtaking and unforgettable.

Lake Mead

Although not as large as Lake Powell, with 550 miles of shoreline, Lake Mead has an abundance of tucked-away coves and beaches. The lake's crystal clear water offers fantastic fishing year-round. During the warmer months, Lake Mead is perfect for swimming or soaking your toes in the water. As water temperatures drop over the winter, Lake Mead becomes a favorite for scuba divers, exploring the massive B29 bomber that crashed into the lake in 1948.

Lake Mohave

As the smaller lake in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Lake Mohave is occasionally overlooked. Believe it or not, this is part of what contributes to its charm. Lake Mohave is perhaps the best-kept secret in Nevada or even the entire Southwest. With beaches, coves, and canyons to explore, there are plenty of places to find your own private space. The scenery at Lake Mohave, especially the world-renowned Black Canyon, is incredible.

Lake Powell, Lake Mead, and Lake Mohave are our picks for the best places to rent a houseboat in the Southwest. Experience the scenery and clear waters that make them our favorites with a houseboat rental. Contact us to book your next southwestern houseboat vacation today.