Health Benefits of Houseboating

At Forever Houseboats, we provide houseboats to rent at some of America’s most scenic and well-loved waterways. A houseboat vacation is a fun, relaxing way to reconnect with friends, family, and stunning natural scenery. And if those are not good enough reasons to look for houseboats to rent, consider the benefits it will have on your health.

Here are the top three ways houseboating is beneficial to your health.

Reduce Stress

Stress is bad for your health, plain and simple. From headaches to heart irregularities, the symptoms of being stressed often take their toll on your mental and physical well-being. There is good news, however. Taking a houseboat vacation can lower your stress, and not just for the time that you are actually on the water. According to the American Psychological Association, vacations can reduce stress and the stress-related ailments for up to five weeks after the vacation has ended.

Sleep Better

We rock babies to sleep because it works. Scientists at the University of Geneva discovered that infants are not the only ones who benefit from being rocked to sleep; moreover, they found if the gentle motion is maintained, it can increase the amount of time in deep sleep. When you sleep on a houseboat, the waves provide this rocking motion and increase your chance of restful, healthy sleep.

Mood Improvement

Exposure to natural sunlight doesn’t just feel good, it is good for you, too. Sunlight encourages your body to increase production of serotonin, your brain’s natural antidepressant. This natural mood lift can last for days. It is important to remember that the sun’s rays can also be damaging, so be sure to limit your exposure and use sun protection as needed.

Consider renting a houseboat for your next vacation to reap these wonderful health benefits. At Forever Houseboats, we are currently accepting reservations through 2017.