Lake Powell Houseboating | Gateway to Exploring Canyons

Lake Powell houseboating can help you explore the numerous canyons in these beautiful waters. Lake Powell has 96 named canyons that vary in size, scenery, and accessibility. Many of these canyons are only accessible via water, which is one of the many reasons Lake Powell houseboating is one of the best vacations in the country. Three of our favorite Lake Powell canyons are Rainbow Bridge Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Navajo Canyon.

Rainbow Bridge Canyon

Without a doubt, Rainbow Bridge Canyon is the most popular canyon in Lake Powell. This remote canyon spun off of Forbidden Canyon and was named after Rainbow Bridge National Monument, one of the largest natural bridges in the world. This stunning arch inspires all who see it and it continues to draw thousands of visitors every year. When visiting Rainbow Bridge Canyon and National Monument, please be respectful and remember that Native American tribes from the area consider this place sacred. If you are interested in hiking in the area, consider contacting the local Navajo Nation to acquire the proper permits before heading out on your adventure.

Antelope Canyon

Home to some of the most iconic of Lake Powell’s slot canyons, Antelope Canyon is one of the most photographed canyons on earth. The high, sculpted walls that glow as the sun hits them, will take your breath away. The upper canyon, located entirely on Navajo nation land, is by far the most scenic and can be explored with the assistance of a Navajo-licensed guide. The uniqueness of the canyons has been created due to the erosion of Navajo Sandstone with the help of flash flooding. This has managed to create a site unlike any other you will see.

Navajo Canyon

The longest, non-river side canyon on Lake Powell, Navajo Canyon has massive walls towering 600 feet above the water. Residue from iron oxide, manganese, and eroded shale beds on the sandstone canyon walls, has created a distinctive blue-black patina, known as Desert Tarnish or Navajo Tapestry. Be aware that driftwood often gathers in Navajo Canyon, especially in the early summer.

Lake Powell houseboating is surrounded by the stunning natural scenery of canyons, warm water temperature, and the abundance of sunshine, that all combine to create an amazing getaway. Come discover all the reasons houseboat admirers love Lake Powell for yourself.