Rent a Houseboat for Your Fishing Adventure

rent a houseboat and take a fishing adventure

Lakes Mead, Mohave, and Powell offer some of the best fishing around. All three are well stocked with bass, bluegill (sunfish), northern pike, and more. Lakes Powell and Mohave are also known for their rainbow trout. Rent a houseboat for your fishing vacation and you’ve got yourself a floating platform to access all the best fishing sites. Here’s how to prepare for your houseboat fishing vacation.

What to Bring

If you’re coming to fish, you’ll want to bring some things with you such as a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera (got to take pictures of that record-breaking catch), and your own fishing equipment. If you’re new to fishing, we suggest going to a pro sport shop, and they’ll hook you up.

What to Rent

Some things are better left to grab for your trip until you arrive to rent a houseboat. There are bait and tackle shops near Lake Mead and Lake Mohave in nearby Henderson, Nevada. If you’re fishing Lake Powell, you’ll find your bait and tackle needs in Page, Arizona, including the famous Yamamoto baits made by Gary Yamamoto, a local manufacturer. For more information on specific tips and lures that work well for specific fish, check out this page at Wayne’s Words. Much of the information applies to fish in Mead and Mohave as the same species inhabit all three lakes.

Fishing License

Don’t forget your fishing license before you hit the lakes! A Utah fishing license costs $34 (non-residents $75) whereas an Arizona fishing license costs $37 (non-resident $55). Be aware that there have been some recent rule changes, for instance, now a Utah Lake Powell stamp validates an Arizona resident to fish in the Utah portions of Lake Powell; the stamp costs $8. Arizona no longer requires a Lake Powell stamp for licensed Utah fisherman, so if you have a valid Utah fishing license, you can fish any part of Lake Powell. Spear and spear gun fishing is allowed at all three lakes.

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