Lake Powell Boat Rentals | Best Fishing

Recognized as one of the top bass fisheries in America, Lake Powell is a prime fishing location. However, there are three things to know when planning your fishing expedition: 1) the best place for Lake Powell boat rentals; 2) the greatest spots for fishing; and 3) the perfect time to come.

1) Lake Powell Boat Rentals

At Forever Houseboats, we not only specialize in Lake Powell boat rentals, but we also have an assortment of powerboats for rent. Boating is the best way to reach the prime fishing spots on Lake Powell.

2) Best Fishing Spots

Knowing where to fish is a little trickier as Lake Powell is huge and the fish tend to congregate in certain areas. But no need to worry about where to look! We have the scoop on some of the best spots. Places that consistently rate highly for fishing are:

Good Hope Bay: You’ll find smallmouth and largemouth bass as well as walleye and striped bass here. The bay is large so you’ll have no trouble finding a spot in your Lake Powell boat rental.

Halls Creek/Bullfrog Creek: This is another great location for largemouth and smallmouth bass because of the heavy plankton growth thanks to the two creeks running into the lake. Some say this area has the biggest bass population in Lake Powell.

Upper San Juan River: If smallmouth bass is what you’re after, this is the place. In 1984, the Upper San Juan Arm of Lake Powell was one of the first places stocked with smallmouth bass. They never left this warm river, making it a wealthy fishing ground for anglers.

3) When to Come

The best times to fish on Lake Powell are from late June to mid-October. Within that period July and August are considered the best of the best for months to visit. Please call us at 1-800-255-5561 and we’ll help you choose the right Lake Powell boat rental for your fishing adventure. Forever Houseboats runs out of the Antelope Point Marina; visit us when you’re in the area!