Three Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should Be At The Lake

Summer is all about getting your tan on, enjoying some relaxation and having fun with your friends and family as you enjoy some free time. When the season ends, however, you might be thinking: “Where did the time go, I need one more getaway before the Fall and Winter grind!”  Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy a great vacation even when the weather turns a bit chilly. Luckily places like Forever Resorts operate a number of marinas that have year round mild temperatures, so here are three reasons why your next trip should be on the lake.

Something for Everyone

Any trip to the lake is never one dimensional. There are a number of different options for everyone involved with your trip so that the fun never stops. Many of the Forever Resorts Marinas have Jet Ski and speed boat rentals for those thrill seekers that enjoy water sports. Looking to enjoy the scenery of the marina and lake? Pontoon and houseboats are always a great choice to take in the backdrop. If recreational activity is more to your liking, fishing boats are also available so that you can take the whole family on the search for the catch of the day.

Great Temperatures Year Round

With most lakes, you have a slim window of enjoying everything that the marina and the water have to offer, which is usually limited to part of the spring and summer. Luckily for you though, Forever Resorts operates its marinas exclusively in Arizona, Nevada and California which offer mild temperatures every month of the year. Ever thought of fishing in November or taking a houseboat trip around Christmas time? With Trinity Lake and a number of other marinas to choose from, you can plan the perfect trip during the holiday season. Just make sure to tell Santa Claus which houseboat you’re staying on.

We’ll Help You Plan It

You might be new to the lake life, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Even if you’re a seasoned lake enthusiast, our reservation specialists have all the tips, tricks and advice for planning you day at the lake. Interested in staying for a weekend or longer? They can help with that too. Give us a call at (800)-255-5561 to talk with them today.

James Wolf
Houseboat Vacation Specialist
Forever Resorts